Braidweaver - Carol Miller Franklin - My Fascination with Kumihimo

Carol Franklin at the taka daiAbout

My fascination with kumihimo began in the early 1990s. For several years I was content with maru dai braiding, but when I was introduced to the taka dai in 1998 it soon became my favorite way to braid. Although I own and use several other types of kumihimo equipment, the taka dai and maru dai remain the focus of my work.

I have had the privilege of studying with Japanese Master Braider Makiko Tada and with Rodrick Owen. My work has been exhibited internationally and I was honored to teach at the first International Conference on Kumihimo at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in November, 2007. I have taught in conference settings and provided kumihimo workshops for weaving guilds across the southeastern United States. I also offer private lessons from my home in Gainesville, Florida. began as a way to distribute the set of measured drawings for the taka dai that I designed and later became a way to provide support materials for my students as well as a place to answer questions from new braiders. I hope that by sharing my experiences with kumihimo, others will become just as excited as I am about these amazing techniques.

Happy Braiding!
Carol Miller Franklin