Braidweaver - Carol Miller Franklin - My Fascination with Kumihimo

Kumihimo Classes

I am happy to offer both group classes and individual instruction in kumihimo. For detailed class descriptions, please choose a class from the list below. I am also available for braiding demonstrations or guild programs.

Three Day Workshops

Pieces of Eight - a Treasure Chest of Braids with 8 Tama

Thinking Outside the Circle - Beyond the Round Braid with 16 Tama

Introduction to the Taka Dai - Basics of Taka Dai Braiding

The ABCs of Ayagaki - Drafting Double-Layer Pickup Braids

One Day Classes

A Braid in the Hand - Kumihimo on the Hamanaka Disc

Currently Scheduled Classes

March 16-20, 2011  —   Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Annual Conference

Lake Yale, Florida    Kumihimo: Braiding on the Maru Dai
Last Day to Register = March 2, 2011    For more information, visit

Interested in scheduling a class? Contact me for more information!