Braidweaver - Carol Miller Franklin - My Fascination with Kumihimo

Class Materials for Download

A Word or Two About Record Keeping

Keeping detailed records of your work when you're braiding is more than just another chore. You'll be surprised at how useful the information is when you're planning your next braid, whether you're braiding for a specific project or experimenting with new structures or color combinations.

Your record keeping doesn't have to be elaborate. Keeping a notebook where you jot down the colors you chose, the number of threads per tama, and where the diagrams for the braid were found can be a great help. Adding a little more information – like the source for the fiber you used and the take-up amount for each structure – can significantly cut down on the time you spend sampling later on.

You may also wish to record the amount of time it takes you to achieve a certain length of that particular braid structure in case someone asks you to create "a braid like that" for one of their projects. If you discovered something during the braiding process that made it easier (or more challenging), make a note of that, too. It may seem unimportant at the time, but the records you keep can be a gold mine of information for future braiding.

Take a look at the worksheet I use and feel free to download a worksheet template that you can customize to create your own system of record keeping. Someday soon you'll be glad you did!

Initial Color Setup Diagrams to Print

Choose the starting setup diagram for the braid you'll be working on and use colored pencils or markets to record your color arrangement choices. Permission is given to print these as many times as you wish.